We're so very grateful to this wonderful group of clinicians and performance coaches who will work with the high school ensembles and help them expand and hone their craft.

Each high school choir will attend workshops delivered by clinicians with expertise in each topical area and will have a performance coaching session with an experienced choir coach.  See bio-sketches for each clinician and coach at this link.


Armor of God - Traditional Gospel

7Days A Cappella - Warm-ups

Katherine Boder - Arranging

Katie Van Buren, PhD - Traditional African

Maverick Vocal Precision - Rehearsal techniques and vocal precision

Mila Vocal Ensemble - Traditional Balkans

Reed Grimm - Looping

Soojin Lee - Traditional Korean


Elliott Robinson
Derek Glenna
Brett Robison
Frank Watkins, PhD

Stephanie Thorpe, PhD

Doug Snapp, PhD

Hitting the Right Note